An Innovative Technology Group.

We are a group of thinkers, designers, engineers, developers and leaders, passionate about innovative technology. Our goal is to have your brand tell a story with digital communication in retail environments. We design and deliver digital solutions with a focus on digital signage and the content that drives it.

When we were contemplating going into this business years ago, we decided that there was really no sense in putting our hearts, souls and money into a company, unless we could be one step ahead and twice as good as everyone else. So that is how we came up with the name for 2Point0 Concepts, how we built the company and how we still operate it today.
Perhaps that’s why we keep winning projects in international competitions for global companies. Possibly that’s why we’ve been able to do landmark work for them all over the world. And maybe that’s why they keep coming back to us to get additional projects done. After all, they wanted exactly what you want: the unfair advantage of “twice as . . .”
Twice as comprehensive. Twice as fast. Twice as advanced. Twice as elegant. Twice as creative .

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