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Trafalgar Store in Kuwait Avenue Mall presents its collection of prestige accessories in a setting inspired by the spirit of the brand. The store aimed at increasing the customer experience through interactive shopping that was seldom done anywhere else in the country.


iSignage provided the CMS software to create real-time responsive platforms for sharing important information of the products and updates and hence increasing the customer engagement and outstanding shopping experience. iSignage along with 2.0 Concepts Digital Signage Architects digitally transformed the store using LCD screens on prime locations in the store.


Having located in the largest mall in Kuwait, Avenue Mall, Trafalgar store needed to find a solution that helps customers have a niche shopping experience that is interactive and engaging.

Trafalgar wanted a store of the future which showcases products with an avant-garde and that is highly engaging to their Kuwaiti customers. In its new digital signage project, Trafalgar collaborated with 2.0 Concepts and did a complete digital transformation for the store that shows its bright and open atmosphere; a concepts that features the rich Kuwait heritage with modern influences that personify the brands aesthetic.

2.0 Concepts together with iSignage CMS created an engrossing experience for the customers with engaging and seamless content. 2.0 Concepts’ challenge was to provide impressive and appealing display that caters to a large number of customers who visit the store.

“A good digital signage and content management software can go a long way in enhancing your internal operations”, says 2.0 Concepts.

2.0 Concepts along with iSignage installed an array of in-store LCD Display Screens and a video wall on the façade of the store that showcased interactive content, product information and real-time updates on the store.  This not only help in assisting customers understand the products, but also get other shoppers by, who are potential customers, to visit the store viewing these signage’s.

“iSignage is an extremely user friendly CMS software with automatically optimized data. What is unique about us is the dynamic content and the intuitive UI features. It also comes with rich features like diverse playlist and unlimited users can access the iSignage workspace, which makes it extremely employee friendly” says iSignage.

Choosing the right Display Technology for Digital Signage

Haven’t you seen those amazing big screens with lots of exciting information that captures your attention? These are digital signage’s and they are growing more and more popular each day. From the local fast food café or movie theater menus, to the way-finding kiosks at the mall or university, to the outdoor digital billboards – digital signage has seeped into our society.

Now the most important thing while having a digital signage is selecting the best display technology. If the display is going to be indoors or outdoors, or both, or, the advantages of using LCD technology over LED or OLED or if you need a touch wall or a video wall, are all questions that will need to be answered.

What kind of display technology will you need will depend on your application, objectives, and budget. If you want your digital signage to be up close and personal with the display, then LCD is the best display for you. But for longer distances which will need a larger image, LED will be the way to go. Apart from just the distance and the size, resolution, pixel pitch, light, indoor or outdoor, installation and servicing, etc have to be thought of.

LCD displays are less expensive and weighs more than LED displays. A lot of manufacturers have discontinued CCFL displays because of performance issues. LED displays offer sharper, clearer image that has better contrast and shows brighter colors than LCD. The operating costs are way lesser for LED displays as the power consumption is lesser than CCFLs. Also, LEDs are slimmer in profile than LCD displays. LED displays are for innovation more than just a form of function.

OLED 2 point 0While LCD’s offer a cost-effective solution with preferred long-life, OLED is best suited to deliver very high profile and architectural media. These displays are emerging as an advanced flat-panel display option. They are ultra-thin, flexible and bright displaying high energy displays like LED. While image quality, efficacy and pitch will open the future for LCD and projection markets, pixel pitch and visual performance will drive the future of LED display technology.

What Makes Great Digital Signage Content!

The most important factor while choosing to have digital signage is the content that goes in it. You need to be clear on what content should you want to display, for this has to be compelling and engaging.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure great digital signage content!

A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Signage: What it is, how it’s changing marketing and engagement strategy, and how to apply it in your industry!

The days of static marketing are over.  Digital Signage: you fought it, dismissing it initially as a trend you wouldn’t have the budget, analytics, or technical capabilities for to justify to your boss – wrong you were, especially with the metrics we have now on the cost-effectiveness of digital signage, consumer memorability, and its proven effect on sales.

5 Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

Our Work, Sephora cosmetics store, over 60 signage screen displays including video walls

Digital signage is a real-time platform for your visual communications, allowing you to let the world know what your business and promotions are about in an attention-grabbing way. Whatever your needs may be in your retail environment, whether it be displaying content that is informative, educational, entertainment, directional, or highlighting products,

Back to Basics: Digital Signage for Dummies

What is Digital Signage?

In this day of the Information Age, everything we do is changing at a rapid rate – the way we work, the way we travel, the way we are entertained, the way we communicate. Our attention span is getting smaller, our information filter is getting less permissive. We want more, we want it quickly, we want it pretty, and we want it now.

Tanglible UIs and Digital Signage – a Match Made in Heaven

Tangible User Interface (TUI) allows you to craft a digital experience that incorporates physical objects in a way that applies creativity, involves playfulness, enhances collaboration and empowers the user to interact with digital information in an innately natural way – by touching, playing with and manipulating objects.

How to get ROI from your Digital Signage

In order to get the highest possible ROI on your digital signage, the most important thing is to be pristinely clear on what your goals and objectives are. That would of course depend on the type of business you run and your specific circumstances, but make sure you start by answering the following questions for yourself. 

Avoid 5 Digital Signage Pitfalls

Digital signage is awesome, yes. But before you get all excited and set on to get a digital signage network in place, take into consideration the following factors which would ensure your investment is well planned and its efficiency and positive impact on your business maximised.

2point0 Concepts Partner with Perch Interactive to Deliver Interactive Retail Experiences

There is nothing we here at 2point0 get more excited about than partnering with a fantastic forward-thinking company that shares our mission of creating outstanding digital experiences for our clients that innovate their business and help them engage with their customers better.

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