Visual communications technologies that amaze and make a difference

2.0 Concepts has carefully selected and developed partnerships with the top digital signage, interactive and workplace communications technologies available globally. Our in-house experts attend major trade shows and meet steadily with innovative companies to find quality products that are effective, reliable and fully supported in this region. We save clients months and even years of unnecessary research and testing time, and save them money through the mistakes they never make in sourcing the wrong products.

Digital Totems

Put messaging where the people are using Digital Totems – vertical, poster-like displays that are placed in public areas and decision points. These are modern-day kiosks that replace more traditional lightbox posters and sandwich boards. Freestanding Digital Totems – in a variety of sizes and designs – can support touch and also have peripheral capabilities, like card readers and sensors.


  • Instantly-updated, video-capable replacements for traditional light box posters
  • Interactive stations, such as building directories
  • Promotions for live events
  • Trade show fixtures
  • Restaurant menu displays outside and at entries
  • Informational screens at queues and decision points