Amazing Visual Communication With LED Screens in Dubai & Across the Middle East

2.0 Concepts has carefully selected and developed partnerships with the top digital signage, interactive and workplace communications technologies available globally. Our in-house experts attend major trade shows and meet steadily with innovative companies, including LED screens suppliers in Dubai to find quality products that are effective, reliable and fully supported in this region. We save clients months and even years of unnecessary research and testing time, and save them money through the mistakes they never make in sourcing the wrong products.

People Counting

We have automated tools that count and analyze how people move around a venue and how they respond to screens. Anonymous, sensor-based technologies can develop reports and visuals like charting and heat maps to show where people go, where they dwell and detail what content gets attention and what gets ignored.


  • Understanding viewer characteristics by time and date, gender and even emotion
  • Visual heat maps and charts that show busy and slow areas, and areas where people dwell
  • Analysis and directions on what content works, and what gets ignored
  • Understanding of how long people view screens
  • Cues for staffing levels, putting sales people where customers go
  • Real-time content triggering based on people counts