Visual communications technologies that amaze and make a difference

2.0 Concepts has carefully selected and developed partnerships with the top digital signage, interactive and workplace communications technologies available globally. Our in-house experts attend major trade shows and meet steadily with innovative companies to find quality products that are effective, reliable and fully supported in this region. We save clients months and even years of unnecessary research and testing time, and save them money through the mistakes they never make in sourcing the wrong products.

Conference Room Solutions

Visual appeal is a big part of any retail experience, and many local, regional and global retailers use digital signage to drive a variety of needs and business goals. Most stores in major shopping malls now have screens as a standard component of their store designs.


  • Synchronized with most popular workplace calendar software
  • Screen information specific to each meeting room
  • Touch-ready to allow on-the-spot booking and cancellation
  • Customized to company brand and colors
  • Tied to smartphone applications
  • Provides valuable workplace analytics and insights